Why Online Businesses Should Use Fulfillment Services

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Anyone who runs a business needs to ensure that their operations run smoothly and efficiently.  Failing to do this could affect the business’s growth and development.  This is where contractors can help.

Most small business owners assume that they can handle all aspects of their business.  Due to time constraints this is unrealistic.  The majority of online businesses can benefit from investing in fulfillment services. Read the rest of this eLog »

For Worldwide Logistics, The Future Is Tomorrow

Global Trade & Logistics

One of the biggest changes in the past 20 years has been the absolute revolution in worldwide logistics. Previously, it was not cost effective for any but the largest shipments to be made on an intercontinental basis. It was cheaper to cut wood nearby, even if the labor price was higher. It was less expensive to manufacture a product close to large population centers and thus save money on shipping retail batches to market.

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Warehousing Services Are A Great Way To Save Money

Logistics & Shipping, Supply Chain Management


If you’re a small or mid-size business that is struggling with the cost of public warehousing and the shipping of order, you’re not alone. You can save money by using warehousing services. Not only does it free up your cash flow, but your customers will receive their orders faster.

One of the warehousing services that many small and medium sized businesses have discovered is order fulfillment. By outsourcing your shipping, your orders are packed and shipped professionally. You also will have warehouse space with the shipper so that your items are secure.  Read the rest of this eLog »

How To Choose A Top Notch Industrial Storage Company

Supply Chain Management, Global Trade & Logistics

If you own or manage a warehouse, and need quality industrial storage products, you are in luck. There are a growing number of companies which specialize in providing customers with such products. By doing just a little research, you are sure to find exactly the type of items that you need. Read the rest of this eLog »

Why Use A Customs Bonded Warehouse?

Logistics & Shipping, Supply Chain Management

 A Customs Bonded Warehouse is a secured area where dutiable goods can be stored without you having to pay the duty. While the goods are in the secured area, they can be subjected to manufacturing operations or manipulated. Dutiable goods are goods that have been imported and are subject to import tax.

The use of a Customs Bonded Warehouse allows the importer to control the use of his money until the duty has to be paid when the merchandise is withdrawn or moved from the bonded warehouse. If the importer cannot find a domestic buyer, the goods can be sold for exportation. Selling the goods for exportation eliminates the duty on the goods.

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